When to Stop Nursing to Have Mommy Makeover?

I live in New York and the Doctor I want to consult with is in Orlando. I do not want to make several flights. I am breast feeding my fourth child and I am in dire need of a Mommy makeover: Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck etc.

How long do I need to stop nursing to consult and have surgery? I want to combine procedures. Is a virtual consultation an option? On a side note I just had EVLT done today on some veins in my legs. Will that effect how long I need to wait? Thank you in advance.

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Stopping nursing before Mommy Makeover

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The hormonal and related skin (puerperal) changes after delivery continue during and after nursing. I usually wait 3 to 6 mos. before doing breast and abdominal surgery because they are especially impacted by puerperal changes.

Why you would want to leave N.Y.C. to have surgery in Fla. is another question. Good results in surgeries like this require acute and long term follow up and unless you plan on staying there it makes no sense. Travelling back and forth with venous insufficiency is also not a good idea.

Bronx Plastic Surgeon

New York to Orlando for mommy makeover

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It is a very big surgery you are considering. A virtual consult is inappropriate for this degree of surgery. You and the surgeon need to meet in person and both determine that this is a relationship you both want to get into.

Further, there is no need to go to Orlando when you have so many fine surgeons in NY. You would need to stay there for 2 weeks and if you had any problems later you would need to go back.


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My short answer is that I would wait a minimum of 3 or more months from when your breasts stop shrinking AND following cessation of breast feeding.

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Nursing and Mommy makeover

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I woulf recommend you stop nursing and get to a stable weight. In our practice we do virtual consults but at some point we need to see you in person to do formal assessments. Mommy Makeovers are very safe and effective. We ensure safety through a proper physical exam, blood tests, a clearance from your primary doctor and a meetinfg with our board certified anesthesiologist. Safety should always be your forst priority. A mommy makeover is a combination od tummy tuck, in which the essence of the procedure is tightening your core, then secondarily redraping your skin to show off that tight core. The core tightening is essential because without it just skin removal is in effective. As we all know, skin stretches and will accomodate whatever the infrastructure (core) happens to be. Secondly a  breast procedure is done, usually implants to create a nutural, frash more youthful appearance. There is also some liposuction invloved arounf the flanks and hips to really shape the visible silhoutte. Given all this surgery and the general anesthesia we take extra preacaution to ensure your number one asset...yoiur health. As an adjunct I always give herbal supplements to help reduce the swelling and bruising. The treatment plans are as varied as the individuals.  Always seek a board certified plastic surgeon. After you meet him/her you will immediately know if they are the right surgeon to help you accomplish your goals.  Good luck on your procedure!!

Dear New Yorker,

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You would need to wait at least three months before having any type of breast surgery.  You need to allow your breast shape and size to make their final change.  Most surgeons will do phone consultations as long as you send photos.

Wait 3-6 Months for Your Breasts to Stabilize Before Proceeding with the Mommy Makeover

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Pregnancy is responsible for multiple changes in a woman’s body. During pregnancy, the breasts increase in size, and this continues with breast feeding. After breast feeding is complete, the breasts shrink and lose volume. This often results in the development of significant breast sag as well.
Correction of this problem often requires breast augmentation in combination with breast lift surgery. This can be done in combination with abdominoplasty as well. It typically requires 3 to 6 months for the breast to stabilize following the cessation of lactation. At this point, it’s reasonable to proceed with Mommy Make-Over surgery.
Although virtual consultation is possible, I prefer to evaluate patients in person so I can perform a physical examination. Utilizing this approach, patient satisfaction is usually excellent.

When to undergo mommy makeover surgery

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Each plastic surgeon will differ when she/he performs surgery and what her/his postoperative recommendation/instruction would be.  I normally wait at least 3 months for patients to reach their stable weight post-pregnancy and to have stopped breast feeding for 3 months.

In regards to traveling out of state for surgery, you want to make sure your plastic surgeon knows that you are coming from out-of-state.  She/he will want to see you postoperatively.  Please be mindful that in a rare case of postoperative complication, it will be hard to follow up with your plastic surgeon if your plastic surgeon is far away.

Nursing, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, mommy makeover

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Most OBGYN  physicians suggest waiting 3 to 6months  before having breast surgery after nursing.  This reduces the chances for infections, which in turn reduces  the chance for capsular contractures around the breast implants.  Combinations of breast augmentation with tummy tucks should follow the same guidlines.  It is certainly possible to do preliminary consults on line, but more formal consults should be recommended. 


Virtual consultations may be very successfull for you.  I recently had a patient come from Alaska to my practice for surgery and much of the consultation was handled on line.  Final decisions were made once I saw the patient, she then arrived in Tampa two days before the surgery( this is recommended to avoid higher risk for having blood clots develop in the legs after traveling in planes), she had the surgery and then flew home in several days.


Good luck to you.


Frank Rieger M.D.  Board Certified Tampa Plastic Surgeon 

Breast feeding and mommy makeover

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I would recommend waiting a couple of months to allow your breast to find their end point.  Virtual consultations are possible with various procedures if pictures are provided.  A physical exam before the procedure is , obviously, required.  Your vein procedure  is not a problem for the mommy makeover.  We do take anti-thrombotic precautions to protect against vein clots in all patients.

All the best,

Talmage J. Raine MD FACS

Talmage J. Raine, MD, FACS
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Nursing and mommy makeover

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Take your time and finish nursing when its best for you and your family.  Although I have out of state and out of the country patients come in for surgery it is recommended that you be near your plastic surgeon for at least a week or two following a tummy tuck.  I would wait about 3 months after nursing to get surgery.

All the best,

Dr Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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