2 Year Old Bumped Forehead. Bump and Laceration - Scarring?

My daughter bumped her forehead on a sharp corner and got a bump. I iced it and it went down, but there was a mark (laceration?) scabbing where she hit something sharp with her forehead. It never bled, just scabbed. A few days later she pulled the scab off. I kept polysporin and a band aid on it to prevent her from picking it more. I'm currently using Cicaplast and sunblock on it. I'm wondering if it will scar. It's a little indented. She's 2.5 years old. This happened 3 weeks ago. Thanks!

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Scar prevention in kids who bump there head

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Dear Valerie.  Thanks for the photos.

  • Kids bumping into tables, chairs, corners cause a lot of distress to us all.
  • This looks to be superficial and you are doing all the right things.
  • Remember that the clouds in Saskatchewan dont protect your daughter from UV light, so keep a hat on her.

Best Wishes

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