More Wrinkles in Eye Area Following Ablative C02 Treatment.

I had an ablative C02 treatment for my eye area one month ago to smooth out and 'thicken' otherwise thin skin. I did not have a tear trough, but a darker, sunken in look with crepy skin. I find that the skin is showing the presence of far more wrinkles than when I had the procedure. In fact, I look as if I aged 15 years. I do not see a tightening, but a loosening of the skin. The skin is moisturized, and yet there are more wrinkles than I have ever had. Will my skin improve?

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Lower eyelid wrinkles

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When the CO2 lasers were first introduced in the mid-1990s we used them on everything because the manufacturers told us we could and we did not want to lose patients to the next doctor. In my experience the lasers were only of temporary help with dynamic lines such as those of the lower eyelid. After healing from the treatment the skin is smooth but with continued muscle movement the dynamic lines soon return. Removal of skin at blepharoplasty also will not remove the finer wrinkles. If the surgeon removes a lot of skin in an attempt to remove every wrinkle the patient will surely end up with an ectropion (turning outward of the lid) with tearing etc. To minimize these lower eyelid wrinkles you need an initial treatment -laser or peel- and then continuous application of cosmeceuticals to prevent their recurrence.

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