Wrinkle Treatment for Teens?

I have under eye wrinkles but I'm only sixteen. Is there anyway to reduce it?

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May not be Wrinkles

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What you may have are pleats or folds under your eyes called Denny-Morgan folds, especially if you are Afro-American or have atopic dermatitis (eczema).

If you are convinced they are actual wrinkles, you might try a product with any of the following ingredients: Green tea, Vit C with E and Ferulic acid, Niacinamide, and CoffeeBerry.

Brand names I like: Teamine Eye Complex, Replenix, Revale Replenishing Eye Therapy, Regenerist by Oil of Olay ( not sure about value of Matrixyl 3000 yet but seems promising). Skinceuticals Eye Cream Firming Treatment, Estee Lauder Refnishing Eye Serum, Cliniques Moisture Surge eye gel, and Perricone Vitamin C ester Eye Therpy. This is not all inclusive. Some of these are pricey so please take that into consideration..pretty sure your parents will. Be sure to stop using these products if you break out as this region is very sensitive. The skin is thin and reacts easier than thicker-skinned areas.

Of course, you are at a young age. However, we stress to our patients in the 20-40 age group that it is a lot easier to prevent wrinkles and skin aging than it is to treat it once it is there.

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