Most Cost Effective Wrinkle Treatment with Less Downtime?

What would be the best and most cost effective to help get rid of small wrinkles, lines, tighten skin, and have prettier skin for the face, without much downtime? Thank you!

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Erbium Laser for lines and wrinkles

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I am very happy with the Erbium laser for reducing lines and moderate wrinkles on the face. It has been much safer and does not cause any discoloring a facial skin like the CO2 laser. The Erbium laser causes fine lines to diminish and moderate wrinkles go to fines lines. It has a down time of 10 days and the redness stays for one month or so. Makeup can be applied after 10 days. Clients are pleased with the results but need to careful with the sun for a few months. The photo-facial machine can help with fines lines and has much less downtime. It can tighten the skin but is much more effective for sun damage and brown spots.

Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

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