What can I do, if anything to reduce my risks of developing post surgery blood clots?

Are some people more prone to getting blood clots after surgery? Is there any pre surgery precautions a person can take to reduce the risks? I know a compression pump is used by some Dr's as well as heparin shots and compression socks, what are your thoughts on this? Thanks

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Blood clots after surgery

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Having blood clots in you legs develop after surgery is a risk that one must consider before undergoing any surgery.  There are a lot of variables that increase the risk of developing blood clots after surgery and there are many measures that can decrease the risk.  It is too extensive and sometimes too medically specify to go over in a short response, but I would say this about your best options to decrease risk.  People who are at higher risk include those who undergo more than an hour of general anesthesia, women who smoke and take birth control, those with cancer, those with clotting disorders, and tummy tuck/waist surgeries.  Things your surgeon can help decrease the risk are putting squeezing boots and compression stockings on before surgery, giving you a blood thinning medicine before surgery, and limiting your surgery.  The best thing you can do is….walk!  Lots of walking after surgery and being active is the best thing you can do to decrease the risk of clotting.  Also be healthy going into surgery and do not smoke.  Those are just a few things of many about blood clots and risks.  Best wishes.

What can I do, if anything to reduce my risks of developing post surgery blood clots?

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 This is a very important question.
Your doctor will take the required precautions according to your health history . 

Things that YOU can do to reduce risks,  is trying to keep a good hydration after surgery and make sure you move your legs and walk as soon as your doctor allows you to. 

Best wishes 

Katherine Feliz Camilo, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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