Weight Loss Tips and Recommendations?

I am having a terrible time losing weight. I am a picky eater so I don't always eat the right food, but I don't overeat.

I am very active, I play multiple sports at least 3-4 times a week. But I'm still 210 lbs. I can still move around pretty good, diving to get a volleyball etc. but I can't get down to a more acceptable weight. Any recommendations?

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Weight loss recommendations

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In addition to the many diets, and I would recommend a medically supervised one with a nutrionist input, as well as exercise, I would suggest considering seeing a psychologist who may help to determine if there are some underlying problems that can help you increase your chances of weight loss. It would not be unusual for instance for mild depression to go undiagnosed and contribute to difficulty in any form of change of habits, whether it is smoking, dieting, drinking, etc.

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Weight loss: see a nutritionist and consider supervision

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You may want to consult with a nutritionist, and consider a supervised program such as weight wachers or jenny craig. Some preplanned meals such as seattle sutton work for others. IF this fails consider seeing a physician for a medically supervised course of prescriptions. Always continue your exercise regimen. Keep up the good work!

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