Weight Loss and Tear Trough Hollows

I am a 30 year old female and have always been thin. Three years ago I became very ill and went from 95 pounds to 83 pounds within 3 weeks. Since getting my health back I have gained the weight, but I now have a tear trough deformity that is as bad as a woman in her 60's. I should also mention that I smoked during my early 20's, but quit a number of years ago. Are my tear troughs and sagging skin likely due to the weight loss? What are my best options for treating this?

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Treatment of the tear trough

As we all go through life we develop allergies, get infections or other illness and go through general wear and tear. These stresses can accelerate the aging process such as premature graying, early aging changes around the eyes etc. Given your age and the photos I would say your best bet is a filler.

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