I have had a bi-lateral mastectomy. After a fall last week, I have debilitating pain under and beneath my breast.

I fell last week and hit my breast. I had all the symptoms of a cracked rib. I continued working and yesterday lifted a box that was too heavy. I felt something go very wrong in the area where I had been assuming I cracked a rib. X-rays show no damage to any rib. Blood test shows no blood clots. When I move a certain way, I can feel something rolling under and beneath my breast. Pain is excruciating. Could I have broken encapsulation and could that be the cause of the pain?

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Pain under breast

Thank you very much for your interesting enquiry.I am sorry that you have the pain in your rib area.
I think it would be best to see your plastic surgeon sooner rather than later so they can area.This is particularly important if you are in pain as they will perhaps be able to work out the cause of your pain and give you appropriate medication.
I hope this helps and that your plastic surgeon will be able to resolve the situation for you.AR

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Breast reconstruction and pain

Anytime you have excruciating pain, it warrants an exam by your doctor.  Good luck, and hopefully you will feel better soon.

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