How to Cover Vitiligo for Men?

What do men do to cover vitiligo spots without looking caked or camouflage? I have tried artificial tanning (Mystic Tan and an unscented tanning lotion, Sans Soliel) to cover vitiligo spots on arms, hands, face and neck. So far, this approach to concealing the skin spots doesn't work very well. The DHA tanning process is uneven and spotty in appearance. I have 100% loss of pigment on my hands, 50% loss of pigment on my arms, spots on my neck and around mouth and eyes. I have tried UVB with no success. It only turns my skin red. My vitiligo first became noticeable at age 30. I am now 53. Any suggestions?

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Vitiligo suggestions

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Camouflage products such as Dermablend can look very inconspicuous without a caking. I would look into the possibility of permanent medical tattooing. You need to do some research, however, to find a qualified professional, medical tattooing facility in your area that uses high-grade tattoo pigments. If you go this route, I would also recommend a test-spot in an inconspicuous area to ensure that you do not develop allergic reactions to the tattoo pigment.

Good luck.

San Diego Dermatologist

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