I lost a piece of face skin due to an accident on 8/28/15.How aggressive/gentle should I be massage the scar & how often?(photo)

After removing stitches, proper care, would closure, 2 months of applying NewGel ointment 2x/daily and silicon sheeting, 1 injection of Kenalog 10, the scar is less red, flatter, softer and looks better overall. A few days after the injection, the scar is becoming firmer and tighter again due to the skin loss, pulling the left side of my lip up. Do you have suggestions, options or clients with a similar situation that had a great outcome? If so, what were the procedures/timing? Thank you so much

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Every doctor will have differing opinions. It generally takes about 6 months for your scar to heal.

Every doctor will have differing opinions.  It generally takes about 6 months for your scar to heal.  Find a doctor you trust and follow their recommendations.  

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Thick scar on lip

You need to go back to see your doctor as soon as possible.  I would consider the following treatments:

Massage of the scar
Silicone sheeting
Kenalog injection- likely repeat
5-FU injection
Pulsed dye laser
Surgical revision with scar lengthening procedures such as Z-plasty

Best of luck with your recovery.

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