Is there any treatment for white patches after laser surgery?

I had laser surgery in 1999 to remove facial lines but have been left with white areas and these areas I cover with a camouflage makeup. Is there any treatment at all that may help bring back my natural pigmentation or a cosmetic procedure that will colour these areas so I do not have to where makeup?

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Is there any treatment for white patches after laser surgery?

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Thanks for your query. It would be appreciable if you can send your picture for better consult. You can also visit a cosmetic physician for a better consult. 

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RECELL - look it up. There is a Plastic Surgeon in the UK I have worked with who does this procedure. It can help with hypo pigmentation (white patches). I have done a few cases, selectively it has a very high success rate. Essentially harvesting your own pigment cells and laying them on a bed after resurfacing. Dr Davin Lim

Post-Laser Hypopigmentation

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Pigmentation loss after LASER procedure is the most difficult complication of such a procedure and especially this far after the incident, it is not treatable. Please consult several dermatologist but I am not aware of any treatment that would naturally restore your lost pigmentation.

Edwin Ishoo, MD
Cambridge Facial Plastic Surgeon

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