Ugly Large Seroma After Inguinal Hernia Repair

30 y/old healthy male had a R inguinal hernia repaired laproscopically 2 weeks ago, about 7-10 days after I developed a large seroma. When I went to see my doctor he said that it was larger than any hed ever seen. He believed it was pressing against my inguinal nerve which at times is unbearable.He wanted to wait 4 weeks to see if it resolves on its own. Aesthically, its placement, and the pain is greatly affecting my sex life and self image. How can I convince him to do it sooner??

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Treatment of a seroma

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Generally, a seroma is treated by serial aspirations or placement of a drain, not by expectant watching, especially if it is huge.  Do you have mesh in or some other reason that your doctor is reluctant to aspirate the area.  Perhaps you should ask him to send you to a trusted plastic surgery collegue of his.

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