Treatment for Under Eye Dents That Aren't Bags?

I have shallow acne scars on my face which are fading well with the used of preferon scar treatment and frequent exfoliation. I also have an indentation under my eyes that looks like eyebags but are not. I think it may be due to scarring?  Are there any treatment options for me for this? I'm tired of looking tired! Will a laser skin tightening session help? Thank you so much!!

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"Dents" under the eyes

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Hi there-

Without examining you it is impossible to know what exactly is causing the problem you are noticing.

It is possible that the appearance you note is simply a tear trough deformity with or without a fatty tissue bag, or that there is also a component of muscle redundancy (a festoon), or any combination of these....

You should find a surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and visit for a consult.

Please don't focus on the procedure you need or think you need... This will be a mistake.

Spend your time and energy finding a quality surgeon you like and can trust, THEN worry about the procedure they recommend...

You'll ultimately get a much better outcome, be safer along the way, and have a better all around experience.

Here is some sound advice on finding a surgeon you like and can trust:

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