Treatment for "Pillow Wrinkles"?

I have a patchwork of wrinkles from sleeping on the side of my face. They are not from smiling and are actually in the opposite direction of my smile lines. Would a laser or peel work for these lines?

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Combination therapy-filler and resurfacing may help

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Whatever is done to make these better will have to combat the continued creasing of your skin from the sleep-induced folds. If you had resurfacing with lasers, the creases will come back for the same reason as they initially were created.

Fillers can help raise the sleep crease and this along with resurfacing may help.

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Hi there- Wrinkling of the skin as a result of sleeping position is more common than most people might think... And yes, regardless of the cause of your wrinkles, modern laser resurfacing procedures are very effective at producing improvement, often with a single treatment.

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