Treatment for Fairly New Small Red Hypertrophic Acne Scar on Tip of Nose?

I have a small red hypertrophic acne scar on the tip of my nose. It is about the size of two pin heads put together and is about 3 weeks old. It is a scar that I got from stupidly trying to pick a pimple. I have had hypertrophic scars treated on my chest and shoulders with cortisone shots in the past with great success. However, I am prone to telegiactasias. Can I still get a cortisone shot to the tip of my nose? Would using Scarguard in this situation also be recommended? Thanks!

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Acne Scar on Tip of Nose

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Hi Chryssie,

I recommend visiting your dermatologist for evaluation of this scar; after examining your nose, they will be able to recommend the best treatment for this new scar.  Your dermatologist may be able to give you a topical treatment for the mark - it is entirely possible that this bump is not a hypertrophic scar, but inflammatory tissue on the skin that can resolve on its own or with simple treatments.  As you know, cortisone shots are extremely effective for flattening out hypertrophic scars, but they do carry risks and should not be used to the nose if they are not needed.  

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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