Best Treatment for Deep Acne Scars? (photo)

hello i'm 39 years old and i have been suffering from acne since 1991(still i smetimes have acne on my face ) and now i have deep acne scars,i had a dermabrasion in 1999 and dermaroller in 2011 but it didnt change much.wht is the best treatment for my deep acne scars?can you help me please?

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Best Treatment for Deep Acne Scars

It looks like you have a variety of types of scars, which means there's no "one size fits all" treatment. I recommend seeing your dermatologist to discuss options like subcision, Fraxel re:store or re:pair or punch excisions. Using a combination of these will help you get the best results possible!

Best of luck.

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Treatment for deep acne scars

As you've seen, there are various treatments for acne scars and some may work better than others, depending on the type of acne scar and its location.  Given your prior treatments did not give you much change, I would recommend surgical excision of the most noticeable scars.  These would be the ones that are the widest and deepest.  I've had good success with this method in scars like yours.  You most likely would need several different sessions because you can't excise scars that are too close together at the same time.  In essence, you ideally would be trading a deep and wide scar for one that is flat and narrow, which would make it less noticeable.

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The options you have for your acne scars are Laser treatment, as Profractional laser or even a mini face lift to stretch out the skin and get rid of the scars. Fillers are not long lasting results. You should look into laser. Good luck


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Treatment for Deep Acne Scars, Orange County, CA

Hi Demiro.   We agree that surgical punch excision is a good option for some of the smaller scars and that you have to be prepared to trade an indentation for a small flat scar.

In addition, we would recommend a dermal filler with subcision on the left cheek.  The front view shows a deep and wide indentation that would be well suited for Restylane or Perlane.


Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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