Best Treatment for Deep Lines on Forehead and Small Ones Near Mouth?

Hello, I am 43 years old and have 3 very deep ugly lines on my forhead that I would love to get rid of. I also have fine, but noticeable lines on each side of my mouth. I feel that all these lines make me look old and tired all the time. Please suggest the best treatment alternatives? Thanks!

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Botox is good for forehead lines

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Without seeing a picture, its hard to give you advice.  Most often, forehead lines are treated with Botox.  If they are etched in, almost like a scar, adding a laser or filler can help.  With serial treatments with Botox or Dysport, the lines usually get gradually better though.  Around the mouth, filler and/or lasers are needed, depending on the depth of the lines.

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Botox and deep lines

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Botox only works on the muscle contribution to wrinkle formation & the more muscle action contributes to a wrinkle the more effect Botox will have, temporarily. If the wrinkle cannot be effaced with finger pressure prior to botox injection the injection will be less effective because the problem is then permanent damage to skin layers. This is unaffected by muscle paralysis and requires laser treatments and/or dermal fillers.

Aaron Stone, MD
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