Are there Benefits of Travelling for Plastic Surgery?

I've read about Chinese women travelling in groups to South Korea to get surgery done. I live in Japan but go to NY back and forth because of my family. Are there benefits of travelling to a district, say LA, for plastic surgery?

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Traveling to have surgery

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Hi there-

This is only something I would consider if I could do it right...

Most people don't stay in the area of their chosen surgeon long enough to be "out of the woods" with regard to postoperative problems that might arise.

If you plan for all possibilities and stay near your surgeon long enough, good outcomes are possible.

Travelling for surgery

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Travelling to have surgery has to be done with a bit of caution. While the surgeon may be well qualified, if you are not staying in the area of your surgeon, you have the potential to have problems with follow-up for after care.  Remember, if you have a complication and you ar enot near your surgeon what will you do?

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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