Hyperpigmentation after Laser Treatment. (photo)

I had Q Switch laser done 2times to one sunspot on my cheek. The treatment was 3 month apart. After 4 months pass by, It left me with a dime size pinky brown mark. What can I do next? I am asian with mediam skin tone. I afraid if I have another treatment I will end up with a bigger mark. I need another opinion. Please help.

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You should discuss your concerns with your physician or seek a second opinion with a facial plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is not uncommon in patients of your skin type and can be treated with creams that contain a lightening agent called hydroquinone -- you may need a higher percentage strength than is normally Rx'ed. I've treated this condition before, and although it's worrisome to you, it usually goes away with proper treatment. I wish you well!

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​Hyperpigmentation after Laser Hair Removal

Hyperpigmentation after laser hair removal usually is not permanent. The risks of laser treatment include pigment changes and scarring.  Permanent side effects are rare. It is a result of your skin producing more melanin in response to the heat from the laser.  Your body will work to restore homeostasis and the pigmentation will fade. I advise to have yourself protected from the sun to prevent the dark areas from getting worse.

Hardik Soni, MD
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