Thin, Bumpy Under Eye Skin? (photo)

Hello, I would love a professional opinion about my under eye area. The area is hollow, the skin is thin, and white bumps can be seen across the surface. I have read that fillers and other injectables are too risky for such a situation. From what I have read, a fat graft is the best solution for the hollowness. Are any less invasive treatments successful? Are there topicals suitable for thickening the skin, or helping to reduce the appearance of these bumps? Thank you in advance!

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Bumps under the eye are normal

The "bumps" you are seeing are actually oil glands that you can see.  The skin thins from the cheek as it approaches the lower lid and the glands which are normally hidden within the thicker cheek skin can be seen at the transition between the cheek and eyelid skin.  These bumps become more visible as we age because the substructure of our skin thins.  Topicals which contain Retinol or Retinoic acid can help to "re-thicken" the skin and hide the glands somwhat.  Fillers WILL NOT help this problem, and lasers do very little to improve it either.

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