Is There ANY Way to Fade Old Stretch Marks?

Ok, I understand that you cannot ever make stretch marks go away completely. That being said, is there ANYTHING I can do to make them less noticeable? I have them on my hip/butt region and they make deep-ish, noticeable indents. All I want to do is make them less visible, and hopefully keep them less visible over time. Is there any kind of lotions or creams that would help at all? If I MUST consider medical procedures, what are they and what could be expected as far as cost?and effectiveness?

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Is There ANY Way to Fade Old Stretch Marks?

You can try having a VI peel treatment done, there's anout 1 week down time of peeling/shedding of the skin but the results are amazing and my patients are very happy with this.

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Stretch mark fading

Hello and thanks for the question, Erica.  The treatment for stretch marks varies on the age of the them and your skin type.  At our med spa, Chic Esthetiq, one of the ways we treat stretch marks is with the Revlite SI laser system.  It can improve the coloration and the width of the stretch marks to make them less visible.  I would contact a board certified plastic surgeon to have him/her evaluate your stretch marks for possible treatment.  Best of luck.  Robert Kratschmer, MD

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Lasers can help the appearance of stretch marks

Hi, I would recommend you see a board certified dermatologist with expertise in laser surgery. There are a few options that can help improve the appearance of stretch marks both new and old but the treatment options depend on your skin type and the appearance of the stretch marks. Good luck.

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