What is the Best Treatment for Ruby Spots (Small Hematomas) Throughought my Body - Including Under my Eye?

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Treating hemangiomas and blood vessels with lasers

I assume you are referring to those small pink spots that most people have on their skin.  They can be on the face or anywhere on the body and are very common.  They are called cherry hemangiomas and are benign growths composed of blood vessels.  There are many types of vascular lasers that are extremely effective for treating these lesions.  I use a laser called the Vbeam - it is very specific for treating most types of blood vessel-derived growths, birthmarks, or small spider veins.  Lasers can be used under the eye, but some sort of eye protection must be used.  If the spot is very close to the eye, a metal lens that fits on the eye like a contact lens may need to be used. 

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