What is the Best Treatment for Fine Lines Under Eyes? I Tried Endymed Fsr but Made Them Worse

I have a quite a few fine lines under my eyes, I tried endymed fsr and that just seemed to make the matter worse, I also have some tear throughs with slight bags I was considering lower belph for this, in the hope it will remove these issues and also tighten my lower skin? Would this be the recommended procedure for this? I appreciate I have no pic but just wanted some advice, im a 31yr old male. Thanks

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Best Treatment for Under Eye Lines

Without a photo it is difficult to advise.  Tear troughs can be corrected with hyaluronic acid products. As far as tightening the skin, the best treatment in my hands is with a fractionated CO2 with stimulated collagen production, improving the crepiness and lines under the eyes (either Fraxel Repair or Active/Deep Fx).  Unfortunately surgery does nothing to stimulate stimulate collagen production in the skin, and I still commonly treat patients who have had blephs with the fractionated C02 lasers.

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Lower Eyelid Lines - Wrinkles, Tear Troughs

There are several ways to improve lower eyelid lines and tear troughs.  These options include, surgery, lasers, chemical peels and injectables.  It is recommended to be evaluated with a plastic surgeon to discuss your individual options.

Craig Mezrow, MS, MD, FACS
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What is the Best Treatment for Deep Lines Under my Eyes?

Crepey, lower eyelid skin can be improved, but in my opinion it can't be removed permanently. The recommended treatment plan would depend upon the patient's age, the degree of wrinkling in the lower eyelid skin and the degree of improvement the patient desires. Perhaps the easiest way to improve these lines would be as follows with the less invasive option first.


•BOTOX injection on the side of the lid.
•A topical Tripeptide, Stemcell product used twice per day to maintain the results

For the older patient with significant lower eyelid wrinkling, that is seeking a longer lasting improvement,  I recommend a more aggressive approach:

•Laser Resurfacing of the lower lid and an aggressive skin care maintenance program including a Tri-Peptide Wrinkle Reducing Serum. In most cases this approach can improve the wrinkles of the lower lid by 40 to 70%.

For the younger patient with less eyelid wrinkling and tear trough issues I would avoid lower lid blepharoplasty and suggest the following.

•Profractional Laser or Pellevé three times per year

•Tri-peptide Cell Activator (topical), a dermal filler (Restylane) placed in the tear trough will soften the folds of the lower lid.

Joseph Rucker, MD, FACS
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Wrinkles, under eyes wrinkles, prp, fractional lasers, active fx, prp

Wrinkles around eyes are challenging to treat. PP and lasers, in my hands, give the best results.

Barry Lycka, MD
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