Who is the Plastic Surgeon in Alberta of Canada Especially for Total Nasal Reconstruction? (photo)

I had a surgery on my nose ala to remove the basal cell cancer and followed by half nasal reconstruction with forearm flap 2 years ago. Now my half nose deformed due to the shrinkage of flap and scar.I need a further nasal recontruction with forehead flap by skin extension. Since I am living in Edmonton of Alberta. Who please can tell me the right plastic surgeon in my province with experience of total or half nasal reconstruction that I can go to for such a surgery? thanks!

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Nasal Reconstruction with Radial Forearm Flap

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Im assuming that was a FREE TISSUE TRANSFER and if so, the person who performed that free flap must have been a great plastic surgeon as that could only have been done by an expert in the field. Fasciocutaneous flaps (the family of flaps that radial forearm flaps are in) are a great option due to the fact that muscle is not used but they may have color and thickness mismatch. If at all possible, go back to that plastic surgeon as he knows your anatomy best and deals with thinning flaps regularly. Otherwise, if you can not return to that surgeon, look for a plastic surgeon who has completed a MICROSURGERY FELLOWSHIP and if possible look for someone who performs perforator free flaps regularly.

If you still can't find one, come down to Miami Beach for a "vacation" and I'll help you out.

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