ALA_PDT, Blue Versus Red LED?

i am italian descent, skin type 3..... for mild acne and rejuvenation with short contact 1 hour ala-dt...i know the differcence bettween skin pentration of blue and red and u need to stay out of sun afterwards.i was wondering with my skin type which causes less side effects, with post redness, hyperpigmentation,pustules, blisters etc, activating with blue or red from omnilux.? thx

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Omnilux treatments for acne

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Which ala will your doctor be using?  Kerastick and Metvixia will both increase the reaction to the light being used.  Allumera is much gentler but will probably need more than one treatment.   In general, I prefer to use red light for acne treatment and for deep photorejuvenation.  Blue is the light used in a classic Blue Light  treatment, but this is usually reserved for treatment of actinic keratoses located in the epidermis and not to treat conditions deeper in the skin.

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