Why Do Some Teens Get Premature Wrinkles?

Hi. I am a teenager and have wrinkles under only one eye. Then my other eye looks great. It's very strange. People my age are not suppossed to stress or worry about this kind of stuff and I don't know what to do or why it's happening.

I live in a mostly snowy place so I don't tan much. I also use SPF. Although, I do drink coffee a lot but I'm not sure if that could be the cause. It's ruining my self-esteem and I would just like some answers or advise, pretty please?

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Do You Have Eczema

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This maybe the so-called Denny-Morgan fold of atopic dermatitis since you are quite young to develop wrinkles. Do you have rashes? Sensitive skin?

Since it sounds like you live in Northern climes it is even less likely that you would develop this sort of line from squinting.

If this really bothers you I would purchase a good moisurizer and apply it under the eye in addtion to the other parts of your face. Ingredients I like in such a product include Vitamins, C, E, wilth Ferulic acid ( Skinceuticals line), Revision's Teamine Complex, Replenix, RevaleSkin, Bionic Face or Eye cream by Neo-Strata and Oil of Olay Definity.

Last advice: Do not obssess about these sort of things. Enjoy your teen years which are the best years of your life. Develop your personality to be kind, considerate and gentle to others: this is far more important.

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