What Can I Use (Non-surgical) to Remove Dark Spots on my Face and Neck? (photo)

I am 22 years old and I have dark sports along my face and neck due to past blemishes. I have been using 30% kojic acid and a bleaching cream (6% bleaching cream Clinician Complex) to help fade these spots, but this has yielded little to no results.

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Dark Spot Removal

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Hi Maggie.  Are the brown spots from acne or ingrown hair?  Before you can worry about the symptom, you have to address the underlying condition.  If you continue to get the lesions, then getting rid of the spots will be difficult.  

There are many options for acne, but for the ingrown hair, we use laser hair removal.  If we get the ingrown hair under control, the brown spots take care of themselves usually.  If not, we use a 6% or 8% liquid form of hydroquinone that works very well.  Good luck.

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What Can I Use (Non-surgical) to Remove Dark Spots on my Face and Neck

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First, you don't need surgery, so that's not going to be an option anyway. If you still have any persistent acne, the first step would be to see a physician and get that under control. Second, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) from prior acne can last a long time, especially on people with darker skin tones, such as yourself. Again, I'd recommend seeing a dermatologist and getting a compounded prescription of hydroquinone. Also, possible light IPL laser treatments may be helpful too. And finally, make sure you are using a good sunscreen every single day. Burning or tanning the PIH just makes it continue to stick around.


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in our practice we have a VIPEEL, that in it self would help your complexion. There is 3 different strength to help with your situation.If that doesn't make you happy you can do Micro laser peel.

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