Is There a Surgery to Make the Forehead Larger

i have a really small forehead my eyebrows and hairline are pretty close is it possible to have a larger forehead? should i just get laser hair removal to enlarge my forehead or will that look strange?

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Surgeries for a small forehead

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Endoscopic forehead lifts, coronal forehead lifts, and temporal lifts performed above the hairline all raise the hairline.  Browlifts performed in front of the hairline do not raise the hairline.

If the patient has problems justifiying a browlift (i.e. if a browlift will help their brow and lateral eyelid skin problems), a browlift is indicated.

If patients don't have a problem with their brow position, hair removal is a solution.  The very latest generation hair removal lasers are painless and effective against light colored hairs as well as more darkly colored hairs.

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Enlarging a small forehead

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An endoscopic forehead lift could give you the appearance of a larger forehead. I would consider this prior to laser hair removal. Lastly a traditional bicoronal forehead lift could also accomplish the same goal.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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