Are There Any Supplements, Medications, Creams or Products to Decrease Swelling?

Ice, Arnica Montana and Prdnisone are not reducing the swelling. Is there anything else?

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Bruisestick ointment with Arnica and Bromelain

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Our office advises patients to begin Arnica and Bromelain containing ointments, such as Bruisestick medicated ointment. 

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Swelling after surgery

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Swelling after surgery is normal and does not go away right away.  There are a few medications - Medrol dose pack and Arnica which may be useful for reducing swelling as well as good old fashioned ice packs.  If you are concerned that you are experiencing abnormal swelling, then you should contact your doctor for a follow up appointment.


Good Luck.

Ice, Arnica Montana and Prednisone are not reducing the swelling. Is there anything else?

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The KEY to reduced swelling is taking / using "Ice, Arnica Montana and Prednisone" (Medrol dose pack) BEFORE and immediately after surgery. When these do not work you really need to be examined to make sure the swelling is not caused by something more serious such as an infection or bleeding.

 Dr. Peter A Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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