I Got a Sunburn After a Photofacial - What Now?

I have been trying to avoid the sun (wearing sunscreen and hats) since getting my first photofacial on Friday. I wanted to deal with sun / age spots. Today (Monday) I was in a work meeting for several hours in the middle of the day in a room that had a partial frosted glass ceiling. I now have a sunburn on my face. This is NOT what I was hoping for. What can I expect now in terms of negative side effects? Are there steps I can take to try to counteract the damage?

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It is important to still continue to wear a good sunscreen and to minimize sun exposure.  Reapply the sunscreen every few hours throughout the day. 

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Sunscreen is critical for the first two weeks after FF.  You will need to apply SPF 30 or greater every 4 hours  for the next few months while awake.

Vivek Bansal, MD
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I Got a Sunburn After a Photofacial - What Now?

Continue wearing your sunblock cream and possibly a hat. The photofacial treatment is usually mild and superficial.

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
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