Photofacial Vs eMatrix - Best for Sun Damage/Melasma?

With many years taking birth control (now not taking BC) and a lack of good sun care when I was younger, at 38 I have plenty of sun damage and "the mask". I was told that eMatrix would be better than Fotofacial. Which would you recommend?

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For melasma, I would encourage you to try a combination of hydroquinone cream and Retin-A.  I would also encourage you to use a good sunscreen as well. 

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Photofacials and eMatrix do somewhat different things

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eMatrix is a radiofrequency device that treats the deep dermal collagen to tighten skin and increase collagen production.  Photofacial is an intense pulsed light device that treats brown and red discolorations and also has an effect on improving skin texture due to its stimulation of collagen production. 

Melasma will respond to IPL if it the epidermal (superficial) kind.  If it is dermal or mixed, IPL will not be helpful.

Radiofrequency does not affect surface pigmentation.

Emily Altman, MD
Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

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