How to Successfully Treat Flat Warts on the Hands?

I have had flat warts on my hands for 2 years after getting them while pregnant with twins. I have tried tagamet, thuja, freezing, aldara, salicylic acid. I have seen improvements only for them to return at a large number. What else could I try as I am concerned about passing them to others including my children?

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Flat warts on the hands

A couple of other options that you have not yet tried include tazorac (similar to retin-a but stronger) or 5-fluorouracil (a topical chemotherapeutic agent).  Both of these medications require a prescription.  If all topical treatments fail, hyfrecation (burning) of the flat warts is usually very effective, but somewhat of a last resort due to the higher risk of scarring.  You may want to consult your local dermatologist regarding these options.

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