Can I Have Stretch Marks on Buttocks Excised?

I have stretch marks all over my buttocks, most prominently on the sides (even underwear doesn't cover them). Can the number of stretch marks be reduced by cutting out portions of skin? What kind of scars will be left? And can this be done under local anesthesia? What else can I do about them?

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Excision of buttock stretch marks

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Stretch marks are NOT really "marks". They are more aptly termed Stretch Cracks. As the skin is rapidly stretched (Obesity, pregnancy etc) without allowing skin to expand, it cracks. These cracks are initially filled with blood vessels giving them their pink to purple colors but gradually revert to silver as the scar tissue matures.

There is NO current modality (laser, pills, rollers etc) which would remove stretch marks except for a surgical removal. Since surgical removal of stretch marks will always leave a scar which may not be an improvement over the stretch mark, such procedures must be carefully considered..

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Using a buttock and thigh lift to remove stretch marks

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A buttock and/or thigh lift will remove and belt like strip of skin that measures an average of 3-4 inches in width and is typically located where the waist band of a g-string would sit on your waist and lower back.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Stretch marks area sign of inelastic skin

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This question is tough to answer without the benefit of some photographs, but in general, stretch marks of the skin are a sign that the elastic properties of the skin have been diminished. Skin laxity coupled with stretch marks is usually a sign that an excisional procedure of some type needs to be done.

Rather than excise each individual stretch mark (which would leave scars in place of the stretch marks) you should consider a buttock lifting procedure. There are a variety of them. A board certified plastic surgeon in your area can explain your options to you.

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