Best Stretch Mark Treatments for African-American Skin

What is the best way to remove or minimize stretch marks for African American skin?

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Best Treatments for African American Stretch Marks

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Hi Afg2,

The answer to your question depends on what type of stretch marks you have. There are three types that we see commonly in our practice. We treat all stretch marks with LASER treatments.

White - small lines that appear lighter than the surrounding skin and usually do not have much texture to them. We do not treat these marks as we have not found a CONSISTENT way to achieve even repigmentation of the skin. Previously, we used the ReLume repigmentation laser, but the results were varied and patient satisfaction was not high enough for us to continue offering the service. There are medical practices that claim to be able to treat this type of stretch mark, but we have not found a consistently effective way to do so.

Dark - traumatic stretch marks that appear darker than the surrounding tissue. For your skin type, we have found that these types of marks respond very well to the q-switched Nd:Yg lasers, the same laser we use for other dark marks like tattoos, freckles, sun spots and dark scars.

Textured - Textured stretch marks sometimes respond very well and other times do not. The response to the laser treatments depends on the depth and width of the stretch marks, their age, area of the body and how well the particular patient responds to the lasers. There is no easy formula to determine whether or not a patient will respond well, but generally younger patients with newer, smaller marks respond the best to the laser treatments for textured stretch marks.

Hope this helps.

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Excision is the only treatment for stretch marks!

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As has been answered in countless questions on this site, there is no treatment for stretch marks that will "get rid of them" other than excision as in a tummy tuck for example.  Lasers can lighten dark ones in the right patient but don't remove them.

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