Consultation Cost for Stretch Marks Removal?

I gave birth to my son on March 2008 and I have red stretch marks in my legs and thighs. I don't know what will I use or do to remove this. How much exactly will it cost me if I go to dermatologist and ask for stretch marks treatment?

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Cost of stretch mark removal

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Since this is considered cosmetic, most consultations are complimentary. Unfortunately stretch marks cannot be removed by any non-surgical method. The only way they can be removed is through surgery. Stretch marks are caused because the skin is stretched beyond its capacity to recoil. Its like a rubber band that is over stretched and can never regain its original shortened length. Any laser that claims to tighten skin has not addressed the basic physiologic problem which is a dermis that is overstretched. The laser will however help the coloration but the stretch marks themselves will persist. You have to ask yourself if the goal is stretch mark removal or if its the discoloration that bothers you. Your best option is to have them surgically remove where appropriate. Unfortunately not all areas are amenable to surgery. Visit with a plastic surgeon.

Use of lasers for stretch mark removal. Options for stretch marks

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Stretch mark treatment is now a possibility with three new lasers available in our office.  These lasers can reduce the redness and looseness of the skin. The cost for consultation will vary from doctor to doctor.

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