How to Stop Sebaceous Glands from Producing Too Much Oil?

Is there a laser cure, or a similar treatment, to stop the oversecretion of oil from the sebaceous glands. Is it safe?

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Oil production by sebaceous glands

Smoothbeam laser appears to reduce oil production from sebaceous glands and is probably the best studied and most used laser in this regard. Other medical options include oral contraceptive pills in women and accutane. Topical retinoids (e.g. tazarotene, tretinoin, adapalene), can be helpful to reduce the appearance of oily skin as well.

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Intradermal Botox - Improves Oily Skin


"Overactive" Sebaceous glands and oily skin are a common problem.

While some oil is important to maintaining healthy skin and hair, some people do indeed overproduce oil and are left with "greasy skin".

I use Intra-dermal Botox (small injections of Botox placed only in the skin where sebaceous glands are) to help control and reduce the amount of oil the troublesome sebaceous glands produce.

Patients experience smoother, "drier" (but not too dry) skin with a healthy shine.

The effects are not permanent, but in my clinical experience the patients who use this technique find it helps their oily skin very much for 4-6 months.

In my opinion, permanently shrinking sebaceous glands is not a good idea since as we age and experience hormonal and anatomical changes in our skin, oil for the skin becomes a very good thing.

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