Best Skin Tightening Option for my Problem Areas?

I am 48 years old and I've always had pretty apparent nasolabial folds, and over the last 5-6 years a less chiseled chin. I'm not, however, overweight nor have I been considered by most standards, although, I had extemely heavy pregnancies and had a real time getting fit again. Most people say I look younger than my age, but I work a lot with people in health and wellness field and would like to look my best. I traditionally had pretty thick olive skin. Can you recommend a proceedure to firm and tighten these areas?

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Juvederm and Thermage would be a good combination.

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1) From your description, properly injected Juvederm would smooth your naso-labial folds and the dents on either side of your chin.

2) Thermage (again, only if properly used) is great at tightening the skin of the jawline.

3) See a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist for hands on advice. But it sounds like you can be made to look a lot fresher without surgery.

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A variety of options may exist

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There may a wide variety of options available to address your problems. Without the benefit of examination it is very difficult to offer a specific course of action for your concerns. The options may include laser treatments, injectables, or surgery. I recommend a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to explore which options would be most appropriate for you. Good luck!

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