Shoulder, Back and Acne Scars All Types! Male, Age 19.

19 year old male,regrettably at the age of 17 I took anabolic steroids. I was a stupid kid messing around with such toxic and harmful substances! Well as I finished them with no real prior history to acne, I was hit with first severe shoulder cystic breakouts, then severe acne back and chest! Terrible painful acne- Well here I am acne Free, but left a shell of a man with deep acne scarring on my chest as well as hypertrophic, and pits and rolling scars on my back!What can I do?Where do I go?help

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Chest and Back Acne Scars

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You will likely need some reconstructive surgery including excisions, flap rotations possibly and a multilayered approach with conservative and not traditional co2 laser resurfacing.

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In our practice and I’m sure every practice has their own way of treating acne scars. We have laser treatments and or a mini facelift to stretch out the skin. We have Profractional laser treatment and micro laser peels. Those procedures will improve your acne scars dramatically.


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
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