What to Do for Dark Spots Left After Acne with Latin Skin?

Before1year i had severe break-outs on my forehead only, rest of my skin is very clear. I have dark spots on it. what should i do? i am 19 yrs old. Just before 1 year i had severe break-outs on my forehead. Now i don't have a problem of acne. But i have darkspots left over my forehead. Till now i have not done any kind of treatment now, i want to opt for it. i have light brown skin tone (latin type).

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Retinoids best

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You have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The first, best step is to begin a retinoid program and daily sunscreens. Next, depending on your dermatologist's assessment, a bleaching product might be added. Finally, in the fall, I'd discuss light peels or Silkpeel to fade any stubborn spots.

New Orleans Dermatologist
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Brown spots in latin skin

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There are several treatment options for hyperpigmentation (brown spots). Options range from at home bleaching creams and programs to peels in the office. Because of your skin type, you should discuss in person the best approach , with the least risks, for treating your hyperpigmentation.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

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