I'm Increasingly Self-conscious About my Appearance After Plastic Surgery

I've had a rhinoplasty done and I have studied my face in the process. Delving into the world of plastic surgery has heightened my aesthetic awareness.

Now I see my asymmetries clearly whenever I look into the mirror and I find myself self-conscious. I have always been told I'm good-looking and always thought so, but the flaws I now see have changed my perspective. I seek them out in others as well to make me feel better, especially in celebrities.

A website (Anaface - I uploaded a picture) stated, through analysis of facial beauty, that I have great symmetry (beauty=8.75). Advice?

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Excessive concern with facial appearance or symmetry.

Listen to your friends and family. Your signs and symptoms suggest possible body dysmorphic disorder. This is not unlike a woman who thinks she is fat when in fact she is anorexic. If you look for the asymmetry, you will find it. My advice to you: stop looking for it. Easier said than done.

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