How to Address Scar Tissue Under Skin?

If you developed a scar tissue under the skin, what will the body do to heal this? Will there always be a swelling spot? Thanks

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Correction of deep scar tissue on the face and body

Scar tissue can occur in the dermis and soft tissue.  Sometimes, the scar tissue can cause scar contracture or depression and tethering of a scar.  I have recommended either percutaneous scar release (PSR) or reexcision in these cases. 

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Treating scar tissue under the skin

Scars can soften up over time by maturing and with normal body part movement that to some degree breaks up the scar. Presumably the scarring is from liposuction or some endoscopic procedure where instruments were passed under intact skin. I have also found that this usually responds well to endermology which uses a vacuum like device to pull/massage the skin and in the process breaks up scar tissue under the skin better than regular massage or just movement of body parts.

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Deep scars: Subcision is an option

Subcision is a method to loosen scar tissue that is bent down. Usually a special wire or needle is used. Often time will soften the scar as well.

Robert Kasten, MD
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