Help...Early signs of crepey eyes and neck. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm 31, exercise regularly & avoid the sun at all costs. Over the past year I've noticed some general loss of elasticity on my neck/upper eyelid (mostly left side). In the past, due to a demanding work schedule, I was only sleeping 5-6 hours each night... Now I'm sleeping around 7 hours which seems to help. Looking for the best noninvasive way to tighten my face/neck. Many thanks! And excuse my acne situation in the photos. I'm trying to get pregnant, thus had to stop my acne medication.

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Skin Tightening with 3D Laser

It sounds like you are on the right track now, but there are certainly some non-invasive treatments out there that would help to improve the areas you are concerned with. Our 3D laser is an incredible collagen building treatment that firms and tightens the facial & neck skin with minimal discomfort and zero downtime. 3D involves two separate lasers, Collagenesis and Vbeam which work, each in different ways, to build collagen, one on a deeper and the other on a more superficial level for an overall three-dimensional skin tightening effect. This procedure is most effectively done in a series of three treatments, each treatment spaced 2-4 weeks apart. Again, there is no downtime, you will leave the office with plump, radiant skin and see the improvements as they start to take effect over the coming weeks.

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Dark Circles, Eyelid Wrinkles/Bags Treatment -- Restylane or Belotero with Cannulas, Clear+Brilliant, Eclipse Micropen, Viva

Crepe skin can be treated with lasers and skin tightening.  Microneedling and PRP help as well.  Please see an expert.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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Crepey skin solutions

Hello!  Under eye wrinkles are a very common concern.  They are also one of the more difficult areas of the face to treat noninvasively.  The reason for this is simple:  Generally speaking, there are 3 things which cause the aging process of the upper face. 

 (1) muscle contraction, primarily in the upper face, can cause expression lines to be come etched into the skin.  

(2) volume loss along the cheek bones can lead to hollowing under the eyes, and lines of the lower face.  

(3)   The skin itself becomes weak and  stretchy with time due to loss of collagen.  

Underneath the eye all 3 of these things come together to create the perfect storm.  Therefore, non invasive treatment for under eye wrinkles can be complicated. You are young and healthy. I do not see volume loss under your eyes yet - so I would not do fillers yet. Botox can be used directly under the eye.  It will help some, approximately 10-15%, but do not expect a miraculous change from it as the muscular contribution to these lines is a relatively small. The best answer for you is to do a series of treatments to stimulate the skin to grow more collagen, so that has the ability to stand up to gravity better, which will reduce those lines.  Skin can regrow collagen, but only when it thinks that it has been wounded.  Therefore, all collagen increasing treatments are based on the concept of the controlled wound.  You do something to the skin, create some small amount of damage, and the skin responds by growing more collagen.  Lasers use heat to create this controlled wound, peels use acids, and microneedling uses physical puncture, however, they are all "getting at" the same healing response.   For under eye line such as yours, I generally recommend  a series of collagen building treatments such as microneedling, which can go all the way to the lash line, followed by a small amount of Botox if you have not reached your goals. you are young - and seem to have very healthy skin - and I predict that you will have a wonderful results! congratulations on starting early! it is always easier to prevent then correct!

Flora Waples, MD
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Non Invasive Skin Tightening--Combination of fillers, lasers and peels

Thank you for your question. The best non invasive skin tightening and facial lifting is done through various combination treatments. In my practice I like to use a combination of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for the neck lines, and the "Stem Cell Facelift" that is a mix of stem cells and HA filler- a non invasive approach for incredible results reducing wrinkles and lifting/tightening of the skin. Laser treatments like ultherapy is a great option for skin tightening of the neck and face followed up by a VI Peel. Please consult with a cosmetic surgeon who is experienced in anti-aging treatment options in younger patients. Best always, Dr. Berger

Andre Berger, MD
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