How to Get Rid of my Skin Redness from Seborrheic Dermatitis? (photo)

Medicated creams do not work. Have been diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis , dandruff shampoo does not work. Looking for some kind of FOR SURE fix if you work in Florida and know what will work tell me how much and I will travel to you! - My skin is sometimes flaky but mostly RED. Gets worse when I am hot, stressed and exerted. Got this when I was years old. I do not drink, do drugs and a healthy diet also does not help. Anyone willing to guarantee a treatment ?

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Looks like you have rosacea...

and will have it for a long time...should stay away from heat as much as you can...both physical and showers, hot spicy foods, alcohol, hot coffee (lukewarm is okay)...and hopefully deal successfully with your emotions...and then maybe consider laser therapy to give you some breathing room...results may last a year or so if you're lucky...then need a periodic booster...but they're working on some non-interventional treatments...but no cure...and unfortunately no guarantees

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Seborrheic Dermatitis? Or Something Else?

Thank you for submitting your picture.  I must say that I am not sure that seborrheic dermatitis is your only, or even your primary skin disease.  From your picture, it appears to me that you may have a form of rosacea.  And perhaps because you have been treated only for seborrheic dermatitis (I assume??), your skin is not improving the way you would like it to.

The reason Rosacea occurs to me from your photograph is that I think you may have tiny dilated blood vessels on the surface of your skin, and maybe a slight hypertrophy or enlargement of some of the nasal tissue, which dermatologists refer to as "rhinophyma."

I often see the combination of these two skin disease so it would not be unusual for you to even have both.  My suggestion is that your dermatologist try some of the Rosacea treatments and see if that doesnt help.

Now, as for your question about willing to guarantee a medical form of therapy, let me answer that more clearly:  "no."  :)

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Treating facial redness

A number of things could be causing your redness besides seb derm; I suspect rosacea; however, other things like contact dermatitis or even lupus can do this.  I would recommend that you get a second opinion by a dermatologist who can evaluate and diagnose you in person--photographs are no substitute for physical presence--to determine exactly what is causing your symptoms and prescribe appropriate treatment.  I can see that you are very frustrated.  There are options out there for you to alleviate your symptoms, but appropriate diagnosis is key to choosing the best one.

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