How to reduce moderate to deep acne scars? I've tried every laser over the past 7 years with no improvement.

I went to top docs, saw no results with lasers. If I were to do facial fillers all over for volume restoration, would that plump up the scars, or does it need to be injected into the scar? Is this even effective? I haven't tried a peel yet, will that be as disappointing as the lasers or are peels better? Dermabrasion? Please be honest.

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Only two ways to cure an acne scar....

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I am sorry to hear about your acne scars, they can be very frustrating to treat and harder even to cure. When talking about acne scars there are short term red marks and the late term dents, creases and pits. Fresh red scars usually get better over time or can be treated with non-ablative lasers. The more mature scars need a different approach. In my 12 years in practice I have seen and tried everything, from lasers, peels, to surgery and dermabrasion. Lots of treatments can make them look better for a short period fo time as the tissue is swollen and this smoothes the scar. For real long term results either minor surgery is needed or a permanent filler like Artefill is needed. Both techniques work well and last. In rare cases dermabrasion may help. I hope this helps.

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Moderate to Deep Acne Scars and best treatment

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Acne scars are best treated with a combination of facial fillers and lasers.  I wish that you had posted a photo to see your skin type and the nature of your scars.  I have had great success with a combination of Fraxel and fillers such as Sculptra or Restylane.  Please find a board certified dermatologist in your area with a great deal of experience in scars for the best cosmetic result.

The Infini and volume will improve appearance of acne scars

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I believe that the Infini is the best thing going for acne scars if you have tried lasers. It uses RF microneedles. In addition, you must improve volume to help with acne scars too. I have videos and blogs about Infini that I will post here soon. 

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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