What Can I Do to Reduce Hyperpigmentation?

I have one scar on the neck line, two scars on chest, and one scar on left upper labial. I had these scars for three months and two weeks. I been on the kenalog treatment for three months. My scars seems to shrink, but it has gotten really dark.

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Treatments for Scar Discoloration (Hyperpigmentation)

There are several treatments that can improve the discoloration (hyperpigmentation) of scars.  Intralesional and topical steroids (ie. Kenalog) can improve hyperpigmentation; however, it is important not to over-treat with steroids to avoid side effects including atrophy and new blood vessel formation (called telangiectasia).  Other treatments which may improve discoloration are topical bleaching creams such as tretinoin (RetinA) and/or hydroquinone 4% cream.  In addition to these, there are some lasers that will improve discoloration in addition to texture and telangiectasia (broken blood vessels). The key with treating scars is being patient and staying out of the sun. 


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Scar Hyperpigmentation Can be Treated with IPL and Hydroquinone

Topical steroids like Kenalog and Cortisone can reduce hyperpigmentation. However most physicians limit their use to 6 weeks because of the risk of side effects such as new blood vessel formation on the skin and skin atrophy.

A combination of Retin A and 4% Hydroquinone is also effective and less risk of side effects.

IPL-Intense Pulsed Light treatments are very effective, produce quick results, also reduce scar redness and have fewer side effects

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