What Do You Rec for a Possible Face Burn from Products?

i've been using olay night regenerist elixer on my face now for a bout 3 wks. it's supposed to be like a SUPER light chemical peel. i wasn't thinking & used my usual benzoyl peroxide mask (3.5%). i rinsed the mask off & now my face is bright red (like a severe sunburn) & it feels like it's on fire. did i burn my skin w/the mask? what should i do and/or expect?

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Reaction to mixture of products

Discontinuation of the potential offending agents is important.  Use of a bland emollient or moisturizer on the face should take place a few times per day.  There should be avoidance of sun exposure post-burn.  If there is any drainage, crusting, oozing, pus or pain, evaluation by a dermatologist or other health care provider is indicated.

Dallas Dermatologic Surgeon
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Probable irritant reaction

You probably have an irritant contact dermatitis. Try some 1% hydrocortisone ointment at bedtime. If not a lot better in a couple of days see as dermatologist. 

Jo Herzog, MD
Birmingham Dermatologist
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