Can Costs Increase After Original Plastic Surgery Quote?

I was seen by a PS for tummy tuck & breast lift. After I was seen by him, the person that is responsible for giving the total dollar estimate gave me a price. I came into the office one more time to see the PS and decided to go forward with the procedure. I asked the quoter to confirm the price. She wrote up another quote and change the price on me. Can she do that? Same procedures (tummy tuck & breast lift), 3 different quote. The PS does not know that the quoter is giving me a hard time.

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Quotes for Plastic Surgery Costs?

A quote is a guote and should not change.  Notify the surgeon.   Could be a new office person that does not know the process.  It could be disorganization.  3 different quotes is a little bizarre.  Should be one and good for a reasonable time span.  Good Luck.

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Cosmetic Surgery Quote Change

Granted, every office has its own policies, but what you have described is unusual, IF the procedure has remained the same.

Our quote prices are firm (unless the procedures are altered) and valid for one year.

If you like the surgeon and trust his judgment and work, I think you should tell him. He may be unaware of what is going on. This is also a good test of his honesty and character.  Politely bring this issue to his attention (make sure you have copies of the quotes beforehand), and see his response.

Good Luck.

Michael A. Jazayeri, MD
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Price quote

I feel if you are given a quote the doctor should honor that assuming you are not coming back a year later.I often will honor quotes I gave to patients a year later but this is up to the discretion of the doctor.

Robert Brueck, MD
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Multiple quotes from the same surgeon.

This sounds like an issue with communication between the surgeon and his staff. Each office has their own policy as to fee pricing and how long a quote is good for. There is typically a financial responsibility form which will dictate the length of time that the quote is good for. If enough time has passed between consultations and your medical status has changed (new diagnoses, weight loss/gain, additional concerns), then the quote may change as the complexity of the procedure warrants. If I were you, I would bring this up with your surgeon.

David Bogue, MD
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Price quote

Yikes.  You need to let your surgeon about this.  I would be very concerned if I found out this had happenend to one of my patients.  The reasons a quote and change are 1.  the first quote was miscalculated, 2. something about the operation has changed (type of implants, use of pain pump, addition of liposuction, etc), 3. the venue has changed (hospital vs office), or 4. a lot of time has passed, say a year or more since the first price quote. 

Lisa Lynn Sowder, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Lisa Lynn Sowder, MD
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Price for Tummy tuck, breast uplift, mastopexy

Price is based according to what cosmetic surgery procedure I do and how complex it is and how long it takes to perform it. We give firm prices which do not vary everytime you come in. We honor the prices we give for six months and even after that try and accomodate the patient. We offer excellent financing through various companies as well as in-house. Visit my website for more info specifically on pricing and mommy makeovers and breast surgery. Watch my videos. 

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Plastic Surgery Fee Quotes Should Remain Stable For Some Period Of Time

Every plastic surgery practice has their own policy in regards to how surgery quotes are done. It would be logical to assume that once a quote is given that it would remain unchanged for some period of time. In my Indianapolis plastic surgery practice, our fee quotes are good for 6 months once they are given. After six months from the original consult, a new quote is needed and may or may not reflect some price change. But if you have been seen and quoted and then saw the plastic surgeon back for second or third time within weeks or months after the original quote, I would not think it should change. You may want to address this directly with the plastic surgeon as, even though he/she doesn't do the surgical quotes, it is their practice and they are the ones who ultimately make the choices as to how business is conducted.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Unless the procedure has changed, the quote should be the same.

It would seem to be a bad business practice to arbitrarily give a patient one quote and then change the cost for the same procedure the next time the quote was given.  If the initial quote was given a while ago, it is possible that the surgeon or the facility has increased the fees for this procedure in the interim from when the quote was actually given.  This should be something the office would explain to you.  If you like this surgeon, it is in your interest to speak directly to him about this discrepancy.  As a physician and business owner myself, I would very much like to know if my staff is misquoting patients.  This would not represent the care I intended to give to any patient I treat.

Elizabeth Slass Lee, MD
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon
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Different price quotes for the same procedure

Your best bet would be to discuss this issue with the plastic surgeon directly. He/she may not even be aware of the situation but could surely resolve it quite quickly for you. Many plastic surgeons will provide you with a quote that is good for a certain period of time, say 6 months. They may also guarantee their surgical fee for a specific period of time but won't be able to do the same for the anesthesia or outpatient center/facility charges.

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Funny business with fees

It's frustrating to encounter inconsistency in a business.  I would ask the surgeon about the different quotes.  I'll bet he/she has no idea that you were given different numbers three different times.  Quotes are estimates, but the estimate shouldn't change significantly from one day to the next without a good explanation.

Carmen Kavali, MD
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