Laser Treatments for Moderate Acne?

Hello I'm going to get a laser treatment on April.16 and I was wondering which laser is best for moderate acne for very oily skin. ??

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Lasers and acne

There are lasers with blue and white lights that are designed to treat acne, on a very slow, progressive scale, meaning you need a great number of treatments. I did these treatments years ago, but patients can become very frustrated as they don't see enough progress fast enough. So just know that you will need a lot of laser treatments if you want to treat your acne that way instead of with oral or topical medications. 

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Laser Treatments for Moderate Acne

There are various lasers used to treat mild acne, none necessarily the "best" because effective treatment is based on a number of different factors, unique to each patient. I do favor the Spectra laser for moderate to severe acne, possibly with an additional course of treatment using medications.  Another option is the use of photodynamic treatment by using levulan together with Vbeam laser. But again, this would depend on the patient.

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Laser Treatment for Moderate Acne

  There is no "best" laser treatment for moderate acne which is best for everyone.  Certainly, without either a personal consultation, or photos, or knowing what treatments you have already tried, it is impossible to advise you.  Please don't choose the laser, which after all is just a tool and depends of the skill of the user.  Please choose the physician and hopefully you will be happy.  good luck.

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