Not Getting Procedures Signed for

Three days ago I signed and prepaid for a lower face lift, neck lift and fat grafting and when I woke up from the GA, I had not had the neck lift done. Whilst the lower face lift has dealt with the under chin area, my lower neck is still very loose and wrinkly. What would be the best way to handle this with my PS who has done other work for me previously? I am astonished

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Lower face lift versus neck lift

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In general this is what a lower face lift will achieve. It is extremely difficult to treat the lower neck without extensive scars or peels or resurfacing techniques.

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Unmet expectations from face lift

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By my definition, a lower face lift includes the cheek and neck.  I define the neck as the area between the lower jaw and the collar bones.

Your surgeon did something to the neck, however you are not happy.  You are only 3 days post op, so things will change a lot.

Advice to you- talk to him about your concerns !  You may be experiencing normal post op recovery, a minor complication, or, this may be a sign that a revision in the future will be needed.  Find out what he thinks and what options are available.  Also get a time line so you can know what to expect and when.

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